What are the best workout routines for a beginner lifter?

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The first step in becoming bigger, faster and stronger is to get started with a reputable workout program. As a beginner lifer you should focus on finding a good all-around program that will be the best workout routines for your body. The best workout routines will not only help in the gain of muscle but also in the shredding of fat. The next step would be to figure out what kind of exercises to include in your routine. The best exercises for beginners are compound exercises.

Compound exercises work many muscles all in the same movement. For example a common compound exercise, the bench press, involves not only the lifters triceps muscles but also the chest muscles. This equation of muscles being used leads to bigger muscle gain and more fat loss. When searching for your perfect routine remember to stay with the trustworthy authors. Use trusted websites like bodybuilding.com or well-known published authors like Nate Green or John Berdardi.

When first entering the gym, the atmosphere can be quite intimidating. A beginner lifter should always be prepared in coming to the gym. When starting a weight training routine the lifter should bring 3 things. First, a workout log to document his workouts. This allows the lifter to be sure of his progress. Instead of blindly guessing how much weight to use the lifter can methodically plan how much weight to use for every single set.

Next, the lifter should come prepared with the correct attire. This means the lifter should be wearing a loose shirt and shorts with tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are especially required because they are light and close toed. Open toed shoes are strictly prohibited inside the gym setting. Third, a lifter should bring a iPod or personal music device. This will help motivate the lifter and keep focus throughout long and grueling workouts.

A beginner lifter should also have a solid nutrition and supplement plan. A lifter striving for that perfect body need to carefully plan exactly what they put in their body and when. As for food, lifters should focus on lean meats and vegetables as much as possible. Lean meats include lots of protein, a necessity to a growing body. Vegetables provide many vitamins needed to remain healthy. Eating mainly lean meats and vegetable lifters will be consuming far less processed carbs.

Processed carb are the worst thing for a human body. They cause fat gain and muscle loss. To prevent this lifters must stray from these carbs as much as possible. Lifters should also maintain a solid supplementation routine. This means supplementing your diet with protein in the form of whey and vitamins with a multi-vitamin. New lifters may also want to supplement a creatine supplement. Creatine is a amino acid compound that has been proven to be very effective. Creatine will provide the muscles with the much sought after pumped look while adding to muscular strength and endurance. Lifters should note that creatine use is completely legal and is in no way associated with steroids.

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