What are some weight training benefits?

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There are numerous weight training benefits that go beyond simply looking great. Weight training involves working your muscles, fatiguing and breaking them down enough so that during the ensuing rest day or days, they repair and increase in size and strength.

As you become adjusted to the weight program and your weight training becomes easier, it's time to increase the work slightly. This method of progressive overload is how your muscles adapt to higher levels of intensity and grow. The most obvious benefit of weight training is increasing strength. Having a muscular body isn't too bad either and is valued by many elements of society today. Toning up that midsection and upper body will surely turn heads, but weight training is also an excellent, and some would argue, necessary complement to cardio training. Cardio burns fat directly, whereas weight training boosts your metabolism. What some might not know is that cardio without weights means that you're going to lose muscle and therefore decrease your metabolism. This sabotages your fat burning goals since with less muscle mass, and a decreased metabolism, you will burn less fat when you're at rest. A far more effective program is to burn fat with cardio and burn fat while at rest by maintaining or increasing your overall muscle mass through weight training.

Weight training is also anaerobic, as opposed to aerobic (running, walking, long distance training, etc). Anaerobic exercises are exercises that are shorter in duration and use little to no oxygen during the actual workout. These types of exercises don't burn fat directly, but in the time after the workout, the rest period, fat burning is increased.Another weight training benefit is that as we age, our muscles begin to deteriorate. Weight training ensures that they'll remain healthy as we get older. In fact, some studies have shown that even people at a very advanced age can reverse the effects of muscle deterioration by taking up a basic weight training program. In terms of a healthy lifestyle even after your "prime," some form of weight training is essential. Working your muscles is also used to rehabilitate injuries or correct muscle imbalances.

Muscle imbalances can create a host of problems including everything from nerve pain to posture problems. A specialist should be consulted to figure out the program needed to correct such problems. It's important to note that a weight training program should be started slowly and built up slowly over time to prevent injury. Form is the most important component to any exercise. Incorrectly performing exercises may not only compromise your results, but could lead to serious injury that puts you out of commission for a while.

Weight training benefits are numerous, but safety is paramount. Weight training, like cardio, also helps boost your heart rate, aiding healthy blood flow to all parts of your body, which is useful for sexual desire and performance, as well as keeping heart and body complications away. Like any form of physical exercise, weights can help regulate your moods and combat fatigue and is a great stress reliever.

Weight training benefits cannot be overstated and when combined with a cardio program and a well balanced diet, your physical needs and health will see a boost and lead to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

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