What Beginner Weight Training Tips Should I Follow?

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When you begin weight training, you must be aware that it can be difficult to properly begin. However, don't let being new at something hinder you from trying it out. Here are great tips that you can start making use of, in order to start your weightlifting the right way. These beginner weight training tips will not only have you prepared, you will be gaining muscle faster than normal! Let's start with the three most important factors for becoming a great weightlifter.

The first aspect of your life that you will want to take care of will be your diet. While a perfect diet isn't a requirement to begin weight training, it will certainly make the whole process much easier. As you see, when you begin to take up weight lifting, your body will require different foods, including those that are high in protein. There are many cheap sources of protein that you can get, including: eggs, tuna, and ground beef. When it comes down to perfecting your weight training diet, you'll need to decide if you would rather cut or bulk. For further clarification, cutting is when you "cut" weight, a weight training style that suits those who are overweight. On the other hand, a "bulk" is what you will do if you are aiming to lift weights solely for mass gaining.

Once you have got the diet portion covered, it's time to get a game plan for how you will train. What I recommend is following a training program that is a full-body split, meaning you will be training different muscles on different days. For example, a full body split workout routine could have you with a schedule that looks similar to this:

Monday - Triceps/Back

Wednesday - Biceps/Chest

Friday - Legs/Shoulders

Sunday - Abs/misc

While you can certainly change what days you lift and the muscles you train, a simple schedule like the one above is a great starting point. Some people want to only work out certain muscle groups, which will leave them with strength imbalances. The Starting Strength program is amazing for new lifters, as it gradually challenges you to lift more, making you stronger. As you progress and get more comfortable with weightlifting, you can eventually change up your routine to something different. You will begin to hear a lot about sets and reps, when starting a new routine, let me explain these terms further. There are a certain number of reps, or repetitions that make up a single set. When you perform a bicep curl eight times, you have just done eight reps, completing a set.

If you have your diet and workout plan taken care of but are still suffering from slow progress, consider taking a supplement. There are an endless amount of supplements available, you don't have to buy every single one. For a new lifter, I would recommend that use the following supplements: protein, fish oil, and a multivitamin. Protein powders are great for when you have not met your daily requirements and need a quick drink to keep building lean muscle. Fish oil is a supplement that has been known for keeping your heart healthy but it works great for healing those sore muscles, after a grueling workout. I hope that you enjoyed these beginner weight training tips, apply them and get ready to start gaining muscle!

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