What are the benefits of weight training versus only utilizing cardio?

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Over time dieting and exercise has become a craze. The benefits of weight training has popped up in social media news feeds everywhere. Most women are scared to weight train where as most men only weight train. The thing that most people do not realize is that there needs to be an even break down between both weight training and cardio exercises.

When spending time working out you should break your workout time into a 5/30/30 ratio. This is based that you have around an hour to workout. The five minute interval is your warm up routine. In that five minutes you should warm up the muscles, get some stretching in and prepare your body for your exercise plan. The next ratio is a thirty minute time frame of weight training. In this interval you should focus on a specific body part each day you workout.

For instance my typical weight training schedule for a week would be chest on Mondays, biceps and triceps on Tuesdays, legs on Wednesdays, back and shoulders on Thursdays and abs on Fridays. The last thirty minute time frame provided is for cardio. you should always end your workout with cardio and never start your workout with it. The reasoning behind this is because your body is burning all the sugars you took in for the day when you are working out initially. One of the benefits of weight training is that while you weight train you still burn all those sugars out, but your body focuses on building muscles and burning fat.

Now a well known fact is that if you put ten pounds of muscle on your body, evenly distributed fro head to toe, you will actually burn a full pound of fat each week without even working out. When you weight train your body burns calories all day long and not just the time you are in the gym. Now the opposite of that is when you only do cardio. When your on that elliptical, bicycle or treadmill and your working out for an hour, your heart rate is only elevated for that hour and once you cool down your body stops burning calories. With the added muscle onto your frame you are able to burn calories throughout the entire day. This is why you see body builders and figure competitors eating all day long. Granted their meals are very healthy, but they eat so often so their body has something to burn and it does not burn their muscle.

Another well known fact that most women feel is a myth is that weight training will not make you big and bulky and look like a man. I can not stress that enough. Weight training will help you to tone those muscles and burn fat, but you can only put on so much muscle without the help of supplements. There are several supplements that can be taken and purchased at stores such as GNC or Vitamin World that can help you build muscle and get that bulked look, but that is a goal that has to be worked towards. Just lifting weights three or four even five days a week will not make you a big bulky body builder.

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