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One of the biggest factors when it comes to weight loss is patience. I have often heard it asked 'is it possible to lose weight fast', and I have to say that although the short answer is yes, there is a much bigger picture to take into account when it comes to weight loss.

The main issue here is the problem that afflicts us all, and unfortunately is becoming ever more endemic in today's western society - I am of course referring to that perennial adversary that is time. That which should and could be our best of allies can so easily become the one thing that stands between us attaining our goals or not, and so this is the primary place where we must win the battle if we are to succeed.

Underlying in the question 'is it possible to lose weight fast' are two what I call non-starters. Firstly it is implied that there is a need for fast results - most commonly asked a couple of weeks before an event (that has usually been planned for months) or just before an exotic holiday, and secondly that losing weight is perceived prior to an attempt, as a time consuming inconvenience that must be undertaken as fast as possible! This kind of rational becomes a real barrier to effective weight loss as any attempt is duly sabotaged from the outset, therefore confirming the original logic and perpetuating the 'misinformation highway'.

Not only is good time management the medicine to this problem, but it is also many times the cure. Often hasty meal choices are the cause behind many of us seeking redress, and the main reason for that is bad planning, so it is vital that before any weight loss programs are put into place that this fundamental flaw is adjusted. Other articles can be found that will provide practice help on the issue of effective time management specifically.

I have to this point purposefulness omitted the use of the word diet because of its often negative connotations. The word itself is derived from the Latin word diaeta which means 'way of living', and speaks of far more than restricting food types, limiting calorie intake or reducing portion sizes, all of which can seem rather unattractive. In essence any diet should include a holistic approach that understands the relationship between physical exercise and food, and in my experience where that association is disregarded we begin to see the birthing of starvation diets and other such ill-advised weight loss attempts.

In my opinion the lack of correct knowledge is the single most potent obstacle that we can face in a arena that is saturated with dietary 'information'. The point being that much of the information that is written on this vast subject, is with a view to make a sale of the latest lose weight fast fad, and not solely to just inform you.

The only way that real effective and sustainable weight loss can be achieved is through determination, change and education.

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