You have been told to "lose that belly fat", but how do you do it?

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Answered by: Ravi, An Expert in the Weight Loss and Health Category
We live in a world marked by excessive hypocrisy, pedantic attitude and cynicism, in such a world, as they say there is no place for people who can’t catch up or hold their own, due to the perpetual race that people have made an integral part of their lives, we have started giving up on the healthy lifestyle, and started overindulging in foods insalubrious to man. But who is to blame, either you run the race or step out the way, but only a select few hold the temperament (read: Savants) to tread such a path, for the majority of us we have to live with the choices that we make.


Do you really have to? No you don’t, not under the proper guidance and suitably chalked out a plan to abide by. But how do you do it, how do you lose that repulsive, resurgent and regressive belly fat!

Elementary! said sherlock to Watson and I to you! What is the basis of all that body fat? IT could be explained under some pointers.

1. Gluttony, overindulging beyond measured and acceptable limits.

Reason - Skipping meals religiously, with breakfast being the most frequent.

2. Ridicule, resulting in a loss of motivation.

Reason - constant rebuttal and ridicule from people you know and or either live with.

3. Cravings, that night time bagel, pop tart or can of coke and pizza.

Reason - Skipping meals yet again and eating at unscheduled intervals.

Let’s take it one at a go, and help you lose that belly fat, How do you stop yourself from overindulging, the foremost pointer that you have to abide by religiously, and not the opposite of the said advice, TAKE that breakfast no matter what, I know you may have a very busy schedule, you may be the CEO of your company, or someone with a lot of clout in the media circus, I know of people who would get up at 4 every morning, and be out of the gym by 5 everyday religiously, make breakfast and reach their respective jobs before the opening, and I do talk about lawyers, bankers, bureaucrats and the like. If they can do it, SO can you! When you miss your breakfast, your body goes into energy conservation mode, depriving you of the much needed push to wade you through the day, help you work at top efficiency. Consuming filling and healthy food ( just the right mix of carbs, proteins and good fats) would result in instant energy gains, and no cheating! no fries no pizza or coke in the mornings! No sugars whatsoever.As per a lot of surveys, people who consume the right amount of food at the right intervals are far more proficient than their peers without.

Moving on the second point, ridiculous amounts of ridicule! If you deliberately and religiously follow the above said advise, most of your detractors would automatically be subdued, and for the sinister kind, severe ties!, a friend who rather than inspiring detracts you is a friend less needed! Surround yourself with positive people, read a lot of inspiring stories, there are boat loads of people out there who’s stories could move you beyond reason. Make time for yourself, learn to love yourself, appreciate yourself, don’t be scared to hit the gym fearing contemptuous glances, only person who has the time to think about you is YOU yourself! Eat right, world hard, push yourself and you my friend would come out stronger, self satisfied and at the pinnacle of your health.

The third part, Cravings, Oh how don’t we like that small piece of cupcake before lunch ( pre lunch desert), give up on it! you may find it irresistible for the nascent stage of your transformation, keep heart, don’t give in to the allusion, think about what you can achieve if you give up on that piece, a moment of pleasure could result in a long period of turmoil in your life. Eat at the right time, schedule your life based on your commitments, indulge in something starchy maybe once or twice a week, one hour before or after the workout.

The most important advice that i have at my disposal , workout in the morning, when you have a lot of commitments to live by, your body is sapped of energy as well as motivation towards working out in the evening, in the mornings you are full of vigour and ready to tackle the world! Working out in the morning helps in major amounts of fat loss, as your body has a dearth of carbohydrates in the morning, more of which would be talked about in a subsequent article.

So go out there and lose that belly fat!

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