How to weight train on a busy schedule?

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In this day and age, no one has time for anything. Between work, family, school, hobbies, personal interest, and the countless unforeseen incidents that can arise and devour up one's day, it seems like there is limited time to get to what's most important in life, such as our health.

As noted by the CDC, in "The Benefits of Physical Activities," daily exercise is essential for controlling weight, reducing cardiovascular disease, and strengthening bones and muscles, to go along with dozens other additional physical and mental benefits. And if you find the right workout, the right group of exercises that stimulate and motivate you get and stay healthy, the journey toward these health benefits is all the more sweeter.

Whether you were once an amateur athlete or you're simply looking to strengthen joints in an effort to fight the erosion of time, be sure to use a few of these tips on how to weight train on a busy schedule to reap the rewards of healthy living.

Maintain a fitness journal

Taking the time to research and write a workout will both motivate you to achieve it and keeps it in the forefront of your thoughts. As you navigate a hectic day, having that journal nearby will be a constant reminder that there is one more task to be done before clocking out for the day, and it will help you avoid retreading the same workouts week to week.

Find a workout partner

A co-worker, neighbor, or friend with a similar schedule as you is a resource not to be overlooked. Workout partners can play a number of roles in your journey toward better health, from monitoring form as a spotter to being good company. Most importantly, a workout buddy will keep you honest when you may be motivated to seek the couch and call it a day.

Get competitive (but remain safe)

If you work in a competitive company or industry, utilize that motivation as fuel to get stronger and fitter in the weight room. When the day is pressing, and you feel like there is no time to get in that workout, visualize your fitness goals and refuse to accept failure.

When all else fails, something is better than nothing

Even if it's a quick chest workout, or a few sets of squats before sprinting to that important video conference, lifting some weights is better than doing nothing. Reserving an hour to lift weights is ideal, but as most of know, ideal is not always feasible. Remember, fitting in a few lifts here and there at the gym outweighs the alternative by a ton.

The question of how to weight train on a busy schedule is one that novice and expert gym rats have and will continue to ask, but lucky for us, there are answers. This question need not go forgotten.

Next time you're looking to get in shape on the run, remember a few of these pointers and watch as the benefits become apparent in the mirror.

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