How does one get buff quickly with beginner workout regimens?

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     Beginner workout regimens that yield fast results are abundantly available and easy to come by. At certain health/fitness and bodybuilding websites, there are virtual generators of beginning workout regimens. Enter some basic info into a few fields and, seconds later, a corresponding workout is returned. But with a little research, any beginner can craft their own safe, comprehensive workout regimen. Here are a few time tested suggestions for the absolute novice.Check with a doctor before embarking on any new exercise regimen.

Consider assembling a small home gym. A high quality bench with leg extension attachments, barbells, dumbbells, and weights will run you half the cost of a cheap annual gym membership. The convenience of rolling out of bed and directly onto the bench can't be surpassed. And with such a nearby gym, there won't be any excuses for skipping workouts.

If a public gym is preferable, find a gym as near to home as possible that offers flexible hours, a range of machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. A benefit of most gyms is access more diverse, state of the art machines, and to personal trainers, often at special discounted prices, or in workout session packages. Some personal trainers also specialize in diet prep and nutrition, either for a set price, or a tiny additional fee.     GETTING STARTED

     Whether at a home gym or a public gym, creating and embarking on any number of comprehensive beginner workout regimens is easier than it sounds. With a few dietary changes, and the employ of some conventional weightlifting wisdom, a beautiful, sculpted physique is indeed possible in a ridiculously short amount of time. The goal is sufficiently challenging, but not unattainable.

     It's important to define specific goals before starting any workout regimen. Set short term and long term goals. Be realistic, but at the same time somewhat grand. A lofty goal is occasionally the best means by which to galvanize motivation, not to mention the champion spirit buried in every human being. Reaching for something just beyond one's typical comfort zone sparks personal growth, begets more courage, and helps to overcome the inertia of a sedentary lifestyle. Short term goals might include not skipping a single workout for at least one week, then resetting and striving for the same goal the following week. A long term goal might be to lower one's resting heart rate and blood pressure, and achieve a beach-worthy body in six to eight months, all of which are indeed quite doable.

     Beginner workout regimens can be tailored specifically to suit one's needs/goals. For the absolute beginner, try locating and compiling (via any search engine) total body workouts comprised of compound movement exercises. Instead of mere biceps curls, opt for a seated row, which targets both the back muscles, forearms, and the biceps. Don't settle for just a leg extension exercise, which only zeroes in on the quadriceps; get inside the smith cage and do some squats, which hit the hams, quads, glutes, lower back, and core—much more bang for any buck. Perform the total body workout three days per week, with a rest/cardio day in between each workout, and at least one day off from both.

     No matter what exercises are ultimately settled upon—and there are literally dozens upon dozens to choose from—an overall three prong approach to any beginner workout regimen should be executed to maximize spectacular results in the shortest amount of time.



     Like it or not, and despite how maligned the above word has become in our rather obese, fast food loving culture, there is one universal truth about eating habits every person wanting to be healthier must face: energy deficit. Less calories in, more calories used for energy. This is the only recipe for healthy weight loss/getting lean. There is no pill, magic metabolic enhancer, special electronic gadget, or inexpensive surgery that will guarantee faster, healthier, more long term fitness results than good old fashion diet modification. Reach for fruits instead of muffins. Prepare a week's worth of meals on a day off, freeze, and take them to work. Shoot for three small meals and three to four whole food snacks each day. Don't count calories or carbs: the stress of doing so will actually cause your body to revolt, and cling to the fat you're trying to lose. Opt for quality cuts of protein: fish, lean red meat, and poultry. Good news: allow yourself one cheat day per week. It'll keep sanity intact, and will trick the body into thinking the diet is over. Metabolism will go through the roof, prepping the body for more intense fat burn when caloric maintenance is returned to the following day. This a tried and true technique used by fitness pros for decades during cutting up phases prior to exhibitions and summer beach season.


     No matter the gender of the exerciser, lifting weights is the undisputed king of fat shredding activities. Strengthening muscles sculpts the body at the cellular level, exchanging fat for muscle. Sagging body parts become perky again. Clothing fits better. A sexy silhouette not seen since one's college days reemerges. Women: don't worry about getting bulky. A woman has to lift an enormous amount of weight over a long period of time, and have enhanced testosterone, to get bulky. Weights work wonders for a woman's body, restoring firmness and shapeliness to problem areas like abs, thighs, underarms, and buttocks. Beginner workouts should entail a single exercise for each body part, four to six sets per exercise, and eight to nine reps per set. This is the safest rep range that specifically enhances muscle hypertrophy, the synthesis of new muscle. Rest 30 to 40 seconds between sets, one to two minutes between exercises. Stay in motion the entire time: walk around between sets and do light stretches before, between, and after exercises to keep the muscles limber, and pumped with blood. Increases poundage of weights lifted by tiny amounts every seven days.


     Beyond keeping your heart as strong as a twenty year old's, cardio provides the added fat burning boost that compliments lifting, the combination of which will shred any body type within weeks. Difficulty at losing fat is not necessarily about thyroids and genes and big bones, and the hosts of excuses most people love to invoke. It's about moving one's body in an aerobic fashion for at least 20-30 minutes three to four times per week. Jog to and from a nearby park. Walk the family dog briskly each morning. Join toddlers during play time on the weekends; they'll run anyone like miniature drill sergeants. Leave the office each afternoon, if possible, to walk off lunch. Do any kind of workout/aerobics tape. Zip around the nearby roller/ice rink as often as desired. Bike through town on days off, or bike to work. The opportunities for aerobic activity are too numerous to list. Choose a handful and stick to them. Shake up the assortment to maintain interest.


     Pushing one's body in new, dynamic ways yields a plethora of long term benefits, but does have a few short term challenges one would be wise to anticipate:

DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Lifting causes tiny tears in muscle fibers. Until muscle is reconstructed from the bottom up, workouts will result in this soreness days after the workout is completed. Post workout soreness usually stops occurring after three to four weeks of lifting.

Tiredness: Until your body reaches a certain plateau, it consumes an enormous amount of energy rebuilding itself. Most beginners start to feel like a superhero only after the first two weeks, but the interim can be draining. Don't be dismayed—press on, and keep lifting and doing cardio. Insides will soon catch up with outsides, and both will swiftly catch up with intentions.

     Keep a food and workout journal for added self-support. When a great week's worth of eating and lifting occurs, the specific regimen employed to achieve it can be duplicated to the letter. Journals are great tools for tracking progress, for crafting specific new goals, and learning to tweaks one's desires and potential.

     Follow all of the above rules, and in four to five months strut down any street with enviable abs and pecs, and the heart of an Olympic gold medalist.

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