What are Different Ways to Increase Bicep Growth?

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Many people often have a problem with trying to increase bicep growth. Some have even injured themselves by over lifting and straining their muscles, which could lead to permanent damage to the body. Through some simple methods and techniques, however, a person could find themselves receiving the results they were looking for.

Keep from Establishing a Routine

One major mistake that many people do is developing a routine. Continuously doing the same exercises will cause the biceps to flat line, meaning that the biceps will experience no growth and remain at the same size. Try and change up exercises from time to time in order to not place the body into a routine. For example, instead of using dumbbells for bicep curls use a resistance pulley machine to accomplish the same task. Another method to do is increasing and decreasing the weight amount used. One workout use a heavier weight with fewer repetitions, and the next time use a lower weight with more repetitions. This will help challenge the muscles, keeping them from developing a routine and increase bicep growth.

Try New Techniques

The term "biceps" means that this muscle group has two muscles. Many bicep workouts focus only on one of these two muscles, leaving the other muscle to develop less. A person could accomplish working out both muscles through doing numerous exercises, but why not try and work both out during the same exercise? For example, when performing an isolated bicep curl, try rotating the dumbbell 90 degrees to the left and right when the dumbbell has reached the upright position. This motion causes both muscles to receive a workout. Watch the biceps when performing this technique and see how the motion stimulates both muscles. Another technique is to flex the biceps. When performing different bicep exercises, flex the muscles by clenching the fists, this will help the blood flow to the biceps. This is done when the exercise performed is in the curling position.

Something Interesting to Consider

Research has shown that doing squats will help a person’s upper body develop, which includes biceps. Reason being is that most of the testosterone in the body is located in a person’s legs. Performing leg exercises, such as squats, will release this stored testosterone throughout the body creating higher lifting potential. Also try and simply flex the biceps, let them rest for a few seconds, and repeat. This technique helps in working out the muscles and increasing blood flow to them as well, and can also be used for other muscle groups such as the pectorals.

Remember to give the body a break and time to rest. Performing exercises on the same muscle group continuously will tire the muscles, and halt any growth. Letting the muscles get a rest will increase growth and development. Also keep in mind that the body needs to be replenished after strenuous activities. Drink plenty of water and either take protein supplements, or eat foods containing the amount of protein needed. This will help in replenishing the body and increasing the growth of the biceps, and all other muscles that have been fatigued as well

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