What are workouts that build muscle?

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There are many workout exercise programs surfing around the internet. The most effective workouts that build muscle are the ones that consist of using multiple muscles at once. This allows the body to burn more fat and gain more muscle at the same time. Most of these workouts will be labelled as a full body workout or a workout with olympic lifts.

Many lifters say the secret in workouts that build muscle are to lift heavy weights with low reps, but I prefer calisthenic. Calisthenic workouts don't require weight. There are many workouts and lifts, but my formula for building muscle has never failed. I suggest a routine of no longer than 45 minutes, and a brief stretch, before and after your workout. Stretching loosens your muscles and actually aids in muscle growth.

The first exercise is pull ups. Pull ups can be done in many variations, but they all help build muscle. These will help build muscle fast and are neglected by most lifters. Pull ups also help build your core and legs, if done correctly. The next exercises I suggest are dips and push ups. These will build your arms and chest along with your core. One legged squats are another powerful way to build muscle. These will help your legs increase in strength, but also increase your stability. Squat twist jumps are another excellent way to build muscle in your legs. These are when you start in a squat and jump in the air turning a full 180, and landing back into a squat. This will effectively increase your vertical as well.

Now that I have told you the exercises lets breakdown the workout. I suggest 5 pull ups; 5 dips; 10 push ups. That is considered one set. If you can do 10 pull ups, 10 dips, and 20 push ups that's even better. Do as many sets until failure. When failure occurs do your one legged squats or squat twist jumps. I suggest 5 or 10 each on both legs. If you aren't used to these they will be difficult. Continue with this pattern for 45 minutes. Perform this workout every other day, while increasing the total amount of reps each time. If you are extremely sore after a one day break, take another day off. Muscle only grows and repairs while resting. In one month you should see significant results. If you feel this isn't hard enough, you can make these exercises much more difficult.

An effective exercise to add would be an L seat. This is when you lift your entire body off the ground from a seated position. Keeping your arms down by your sides and your legs out in front of you, then lifting up using your core and arms. Your body forms the shape of an L, hence L seat. To make the other exercises more difficult you could do diamond push ups, instead of regular push ups, and have one leg extended in the air. To make pull ups harder you can turn them in to muscle ups. Muscle ups are when you do a pull up, but bring your entire upper body over the bar and push up, so you are basically doing a dip. These are very challenging to learn, but there are many tutorials. No matter how much you advance in your training you can always make your workouts harder. You could do push ups with no legs, which is called a planche push up.

All these exercises are guaranteed to build muscle and will shape your body in a way that other workouts won't. Remember these exercises are only a part of the battle. Proper nutrition is a necessity, and you will not get the desired results without it.

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